Events: 1st Multidisciplinary Symposium in Materials of the Brazilian Central West

The Orbital: The Electronic Journal of Chemistry is currently running a Special Issue entitled "Materials Research in the Brazilian Central West" Drs. Antonio Eduardo da Hora Machado, Mario Godinho Júnior and Petrus Henrique Ribeiro dos Anjos (Universidade Federal de Catalão) are serving as Guest Editors for this issue.

The Symposium aimed to disclose the actions of research and innovation in the area of materials and encourage the interaction among researchers in the mid-west of Brazil, and their respective graduate programs, in order to stimulate the development of joint researches, with the consequent improvement in the quality and quantity of scientific production, in addition to the dissemination of knowledge and innovation relevant to the society.
The authors of the selected works are welcome to submit full papers to this special issue as well as the guest speakers, invited to submit reviews related to their presentations. The submission deadline for the complete article is October 31, 2018.

1st Multidisciplinary Symposium in Materials of the Brazilian Central West, August 15-17 2018, Caldas Novas, GO, Brazil – Homepage:


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