A facile microwave assisted one-pot synthesis of novel 1-methylhexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones and bis-1-methylhexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones

Madhusudhan Saha, Enamul Karim, Jai Narain Vishwakarma, Rishanlang Nongkhlaw


Novel hexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones 3a-j have been synthesized in good yields by the reaction of enaminones 2a-b with primary amines and formaldehyde under the influence microwaves. Enaminones 2a-b have also been reacted with diamines and formaldehyde under similar conditions resulting in hitherto unreported bis- hexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones 4a-d and 5a-d. The structures of the molecules have been established with the help of spectral and analytical data.


hexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones; bis-hexahydroquinazolin-5(6H)-ones; dimedone; enaminone; 1,3-cyclohexanedione

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