Kinetics of phosphotungstic acid catalyzed oxidation of propan-1,3-diol and butan-1,4-diol by N-chlorosaccharin

Sanjay Kumar Singh, Raman Deep Kaur, Monika Arora, Harjeet Gujral, Gurpreet Kaur


The kinetic studies of N-chlorosaccharin (NCSA) oxidation of propan-1,3-diol and butan-1,4-diol have been reported in presence of phophotungstic acid and in aqueous acetic acid medium. The reactions follow first-order in NCSA and one to zero order with respect to substrate and phosphotungstic acid. Increase in the concentration of added perchloric acid increases the rate of oxidation. A negative effect on the oxidation rate is observed for solvent whereas the ionic strength does not influence the rate of reaction. Addition of the reaction product, saccharin, exhibited retarding effect. Various activation parameters have been evaluated. The products of the reactions were identified as the corresponding aldehydes. A suitable scheme of mechanism consistent with the experimental results has been proposed.


oxidation; kinetics; phosphotungstic acid; saccharin and propan-1,3-diol.


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