Kinetics studies of oxidation of niacinamide by alkaline potassium permanganate

Sandipsingh Gour, Sayyed Hussain, Mazahar Farooqui


The oxidation of niacinamide in alkaline media is carried out using potassium permanganate as a oxiding agent. The reaction was monitored using UV-Visible spectrophotometer at 525 nm. It was found to be zero order with respect to oxidant,, fractional order with respect to hydrogen ion concentration and first order with respect to substrate. The thermodynamic parameters(were determinied . The average (?G#) was found to be 87.60 KJ/mol. The values ?S# was found to be -0.2132 KJ/mole and energy of activation was found to be 23.95 KJ/mole. A suitable mechanism is proposed based on the experimental conditions.


kinetic study; mechanistic proposals; niacinamide; permanganetic oxidation

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