The synthesis, characterization and theoretical study of nano tetrabuthylammonium trichloroiodoaluminate (III)

shahriar Ghammamy


There is provided a nano aluminate complex that has a quaternary ammonium cation. This nano system has an equal molar ratio of Al to N that has been prepared by reaction of an organic salt R+X- such as [(CH3)4NBr], and a Lewis acid such as AlCl3, compounds. The synthesized compound was characterized by IR, Mass, X-Ray diffraction measurements. In addition, the structure of synthesized compound was optimized at the theoretical level of the Moller-Plesser perturbations of the second order (MP2), with LanL2DZ basis set and molecular specifications such as band length and angle were extracted using Gaussian 98 program. Theoretical data show good agreement with the experimental result.


nanoparticles; aluminate complex; XRD; theoretical calculation

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