Degradation study of pesticides used in Dourados-MS

Virgilio Vieira de Olival, Rozanna Marques Muzzi, Jéssica Alves Nogueira, Fábio Gozzi, Anderson Teodoro, Dirce Martins de Oliveira, Dayana Doffinger Ramos, Ana Paula Pereira da Rosa, Marly Eiko Osugi, Paula Loureiro Paulo, Silvio Cesar de Oliveira, Valdir Souza Ferreira, Lincoln Carlos Silva de Oliveira, Amilcar Machulek Junior


The intensive use and irregular disposal of pesticides in agriculture has caused serious environmental and health problems. In this work was evaluated the efficiency of UV and some advanced oxidation processes involving photo-Fenton reaction, O3 and O3/UV for the treatment of aqueous solutions containing commercial and standard pesticides. The results showed that the combination of UV radiation in alkaline means with O3 significantly increased the efficiency of the process of degradation and the photo-Fenton system is a promising alternative for the treatment of effluents containing pesticides.


degradation; pesticides; ozonation; photo-Fenton

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