A quantum-chemical validation about the formation of hydrogen bonds and secondary interactions in intermolecular heterocyclic systems

Boaz Galdino Oliveira, Regiane de Cássia Maritan Ugulino de Araújo, Antônio Bezerra de Carvalho, Mozart Neves Ramos


We have performed a detailed theoretical study in order to understand the charge density topology of the C2H4O···C2H2 and C2H4S···C2H2 heterocyclic hydrogen-bonded complexes. Through the calculations derived from Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules (QTAIM), it was observed the formation of hydrogen bonds and secondary interactions. Such analysis was performed through the determination of optimized geometries at B3LYP/6-31G(d,p) level of theory, by which is that QTAIM topological operators were computed, such as the electronic density ρ(r), Laplacian Ñ2ρ(r), and ellipticity ε. The examination of the hydrogen bonds has been performed through the measurement of ρ(r), Ñ2ρ(r) and ε between (O···H—C and (S···H—C), whereas the secondary interaction between axial hydrogen atoms Hα and carbon of acetylene. In this insight, it was verified the existence of secondary interaction only in C2H4S···C2H2 complex because its structure is propitious to form multiple interactions.


QTAIM; ligações de hidrogênio; interações secundárias; hydrogen bond; secondary interaction

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