Microwave – assisted reduction of racemic intermediates potential immunosuppressant

Wender A. Silva, João V. Silva, Larissa G. Maciela, Lennine R. Melo, Júlia G. B. Pedreira, Guilherme R. Oliveira


Immunosuppressant are drugs that reduce the immune response, as important in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and rejection attenuators in organ transplants, the structural point of view generally have a high complexity. Within this context it is indispensable structural simplifications, new molecules are proposed with potential action on a stage is a necessary, reduction system α,β-unsaturated specifically, chalcone, to their respective alcohol saturated. Therefore, a new method was developed for microwave assisted subsequently coupling to other fragments to the total synthesis of the novel compounds.


racemic reductions; microwave; immunosuppressant

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