Application of bis-(L) zinc prolinate (II) on the synthesis reactions of some 1,4-dyhidropyridines

Cristiane R. Winck, Ana Cláudia Lima, Paula Vanessa S. Rizzo, Andrelson W. Rinaldi, Nelson Luis de Campos Domingues


The 1,4-Dyhidropyridine (DHP) is a class of substances that presents a wide spectrum of biological activities. Among these applications, it can be applied on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases e.g. hypertension. This project proposes the synthesis of some DHPs through multicomponent reactions (one pot) using bis-(L) zinc prolinate (II) as catalyst. Initially the synthesis of the precursor enamine was held using the catalyst and later, there was an addition of cinnmaldehyde to the same reaction media. Such procedure resulted on the formation of the compound of interest (Figure 1). Another important factor is that the ultrasound was used to reach the results, which makes such reactions highly convergent and coherent with the principles of the Green Chemistry.


Organic Synthesis, multicomponent reactions, Dyhidropyridine

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