Caracterização de MP2,5 e MP10 em Ar Ambiente de Estacionamento Fechado de Estabelecimento Comercial em Londrina-Paraná

Jurandir Pereira Pinto, Leila Droprinchinski Martins, Fabio Cal Sabino, Ismael Rodrigues Amado, Maria Cristina Solci


In order to investigate the concentration profile of PM in different aerodynamic sizes of the atmosphere threatened by light duty traffic, samples of PM (PM2.5 and PM10) were collected in a closed business parking lot, where only light duty vehicles move at low speed. Four sampling periods (in June and December of 2011 and 2012) were performed. Size-segregated PM samples were collected using: i) cyclone (URG) to PM2.5; and ii) Low-Vol to PM10. Filters were weighed using a microbalance with sensitivity of 1 μg (AX 26, Mettler- Toledo Inc., Highstown, NJ). The averages concentrations for PM2.5 and PM10 obtained in June 2011 was 41.9 ± 10.1 mg m-3 and 56.4 ± 12.6 mg m-3, respectively. For December 2011, average concentrations were 30.6 ± 11.7 mg m-3 for PM2.5 and 52.8 ± 12.7 mg m-3 for PM10. In June 2012 the average values were 39.6 ± 9.1 mg m-3 for PM2.5 and 71.4 ± 10.9 mg m-3 for PM10. In December 2012, the average concentrations were 21.3 ± 7.2 mg m-3 for PM2.5 and 49.9 ± 10.6 mg m-3 for PM10. The PM2.5/PM10 ratios with values ​​between 0.42 and 0.75 show the variability of the emissions of the Brazilian light duty fleet and contribution of fugitive emissions


airborne particulate matter; inhalable particles; vehicular emissions

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