Modelagem Matemática da Solubilização dos Polímeros Condutores por Meio de Processos Polimeranalógicos

Volodymyr Valentynovych Tkach, Vasyl´ Vasylyovych Nechyporuk, Petro Ivanovych Yagodynets´, Olena Ihorivna Aksimentyeva, Ana Sofia Rodrigues Conde, Reza Ojani


The transition of conducting polymer from insoluble to the soluble state by chemical and electrochemical way, experimentally observed, gains its mathematical representation by means of the developed model, which was described and analyzed by means of linear stability theory and bifurcation analysis. It was shown that the influence on the behavior of the system may come not only of strongly acid media and the presence of surfactants, but also of electrophilic substitution and self-doping. Also, the behavior of the system has been compared by the electrosynthesis of conducting polymers, non-accompanied by solubilization.




conducting polymers; solubilization; electrophilic substitution; self-doping; stable steady-state

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