Educação Química no Projeto Escolar “Quixaba”: Alfabetização Científica com Enfoque CTSA no Ensino Fundamental a Partir de Temas Sociocientíficos

Luciana do N. Rodrigues, Rivana S. Batista, Sidnei Quezada Meireles Leite, Sandro J. Greco, Álvaro Cunha Neto, Valdemar Lacerda Júnior


The objective of this study was to analyze the pedagogical aspects of teaching chemistry in a “Quixaba” school project developed with students of Science of last year of basic school (corresponding to the third cycle), focusing CTSA. The project dealt with the articulation of socio-scientific issues with content of Chemistry, focusing on some industry sectors of Espírito Santo State, such as food, construction and steel. This is a case study, qualitative, based on direct observations, technical visits and focus group interviews. The results led us to conclude that the teaching practices carried out during the “Quixaba” project provided scientific literacy focusing CTSA.




socioscientific issues; chemical education; scientific literacy; CTSA

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