Aplicação da Termografia por Infravermelho para Titulações Termométricas

Adilson Ben da Costa, Douglas Roberto Nervo da Cruz, Keiti Oliveira Aléssio, André Dutra Garcia, Katiuscia Rothmund, Fernando Sansone de Carvalho, Juliano Smanioto Barin, Leonel Pablo Tedesco


The aim of this study was to demonstrate the potential of the use the infrared thermography for monitoring chemical reactions. In this study a camera in the infrared was used to temperature monitoring in neutralization reactions, presenting satisfactory results to thermometric titration and determination the heat (enthalpy) of neutralization. Besides of temperature results, the camera produces a record of all the procedure used, which can be extracted thermal images for further analysis.


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17807/orbital.v7i2.682


infrared thermography; thermometric titration; heat of neutralization; enthalpy of neutralization

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