Orbital - Vol. 13 No. 4 - July-September 2021

Table of Contents


Solid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalyzed Selective Reduction of Bifunctional Moieties PDF
Monika Verma, Renu Sharma, Ruchi Bharti 269-274
Acoustical Studies of Molecular Interactions in the Solution of Streptomycin Drug at Different Temperatures and Concentrations PDF
Ritesh R. Naik 275-279
Evaluation of Thermal Stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Concerning Ethanol Production and Assimilation of Amino Acids in Saccharine Substrate PDF
Maria do Socorro Mascarenhas Santos, Larissa Pires Mueller, Margareth Batistote, Claudia Andrea Lima Cardoso 280-285
The Crystal Structure of the New Layered Alloy (CuGa)0.52TaSe2 Studied by SEM, DTA, and XRPD PDF
Gerzon E Delgado, Sonia Durán, Jennifer A. Aitken, Marcos Muñoz, Pedro Grima-Gallardo 286-290
The Effect of Substitution and Polymerization of 2,7-Divinylcarbazole-benzo-bis-thiadiazole on Optoelectronic Properties: A DFT Study PDF
Mohamed Jabha, Abdellah El Alaoui, Abdellah Jarid, El Houssine Mabrouk 291-300
Combined Conceptual-DFT, Quantitative MEP Analysis, and Molecular Docking Study of Benzodiazepine Analogs PDF
Rachida Djebaili, Nadjib Melkemi, Samir Kenouche, Ismail Daoud, Mohammed Bouachrine, Halima Hazhazi, Toufik Salah 301-315
Catastrophic Collision Between Obesity and COVID-19 Have Evoked the Computational Chemistry for Research in Silico Design of New CaMKKII Inhibitors Against Obesity by Using 3D-QSAR, Molecular Docking, and ADMET PDF
Halima HAJJI, Fatima En-nahli, Ilham Aanouz, Hanane Zaki, Tahar Lakhlifi, Mohammed Aziz Ajana, Mohammed Bouachrine 316-327
Post-treatment of Anaerobic Reactor Effluent by Double Filtration with Gravel and Clinoptilolite and Ozone Disinfection PDF
Ângela de Góes Lara Cardozo Costa, Cleber Pinto da Silva, Danilo Gabriel dos Santos Matos, Carlos Raphael Pedroso, Carlos Magno Sousa Vidal, Jeanette Beber de Souza, Sandro Xavier de Campos 328-334


Effect of Methods and Catalysts on the One-pot Synthesis of Tetrahydropyridine Derivatives: A Mini-Review PDF
Ajay Thakur, Ruchi Bharti, Renu Sharma 335-349
Potential Drug Candidates in Clinical Trials for the Treatment of Covid-19: An Updated Overview PDF
Osmar Ignacio Ayala Cáceres, Fernanda Timóteo, Kristiane Fanti Del Pino Santos, Rafael Rodrigo Piva Vasconcelos, Marco Antonio Utrera Martines, Juliana Jorge, Haroon ur Rashid 350-375
Microwave Radiation Applied to the Synthesis of -butyrolactone Derivatives PDF
Paulo Marcos Donate, Hugo Elias Barbosa 376-384
A Review: Synthesis of Biodiesel from Low/Off Grade Crude Palm Oil on Pretreatment, Transesterification, and Characteristics PDF
Sumari Sumari, Aman Santoso, Muhammad Roy Asrori 385-391

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