Orbital - Vol. 14 No. 1 - January-March 2022

Table of Contents


Bronsted Acid Mediated Facile Greener Multicomponent Synthesis of 2,4-Diaryl-quinoline Derivatives in Water PDF
Lucas Michelão Martins, Vitor Fernandes Moreno, Ilana Sganzerla Rosário, Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Graeff, Luiz Carlos Silva Filho 1-9
Recovery of Rare-Earth Elements from Brazilian Ion-Adsorption Clay: A Preliminary Study PDF
Ana Carolina S. P. de Souza, Ellen Cristine Giese 10-14
Bilastine Based Drugs as SARS-CoV-2 Protease Inhibitors: Molecular Docking, Dynamics, and ADMET Related Studies PDF
Ajoy Kumer, Unesco Chakma, Mohammed M. Matin 15-23
3D-QSAR, ADMET and Docking Studies for Design New 5,5-Diphenylimidazolidine-2,4-dione Derivatives Agents Against Cervical Cancer PDF
Reda El-Mernissi, Khalil El khatabi, Ayoub Khaldan, Soukaina Bouamrane, Larbi ElMchichi, Mohammed Aziz Ajana, Tahar Lakhlifi, Mohammed Bouachrine 24-32
Synthesis, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) of the Alloy (CuInTe2)1-x(NbTe)x with x=0.5 PDF
Gerzon E. Delgado, Miguel Palmera, Pedro Grima-Gallardo, Miguel Quintero 33-39
Utilization of Banana Stem Waste Extracts Assisted by Electrode of Cu/Mg as an Environmentally Friendly Electricity Producer PDF
Deni Ainur Rokhim, Ahmad Wahani Adid, Frida Kristining Tyas, Endang Ciptawati, Muhammad Roy Asrori 40-44
Effect of Exchange–correlation Functionals on Ground State Geometries, Optoelectronic and Charge Transfer of Triphenylamine-based Dyes PDF
Malak Lazrak, Hamid Toufik, Sliman Ennehary, Si Mohamed Bouzzine, Fatima Lamchouri 45-52
Production and Characterization of Craft Beers with Addition of Campomanesia adamantium O. Berg Fruits and Leave PDF
Maria Helena Verdan, Maria do Socorro Mascarenhas Santos, Thiago Luis Aguayo de Castro, Claudia Andrea Lima Cardoso 53-57
FPolymer: A Program for 3D Structure Generation and OPLS Topology of Polymers with High Molecular Mass PDF
Fabricio Uliana, Eloi Alves Silva Filho, Arlan da Silva Gonçalves, Vadilson Malaquias dos Santos, Mateus Uliana 58-62


Identification of Science Teacher Practices and Barriers in Preparation of Minimum Competency Assessment in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era PDF
Hayuni Retno Widarti, Deni Ainur Rokhim, Maya Oki Septiani, Mohammad Hilfi Azra Dzikrulloh 63-67

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